civil society organizations


Italy promotes and co-finances development projects in Senegal of the Italian Civil Society Organizations (OSC) mainly through the annual "OSC Call" of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation but also through funding from the Ministry of the Interior, 8x1000 IRPEF and of Local Authorities.

In Senegal, there are more than 20 Italian CSOs spread over the entire territory of the country and intervening on different themes: human development, rural development and sustainable agriculture, food security and access to water, renewable energies, local development and strengthening of micro and small businesses, promotion of human rights.

Currently, there are six projects co-financed through the "OSC Call", lasting three years:

  • OSC ISCOS: SODIPE project: "Sustainable development and decent work in the fish sector in Ziguinchor" (Casamance);
  • OSC ACRA: Project HEALTH PLUS: "Water, hygiene and nutrition project in the District of Tenghory" (Casamance);
  • OSC ARCS: SOUFF-Terra Project: "Support and co-development for the strengthening of the Linguère Community" (Louga Region);
  • OSC CISV: PAISIM project: "Support program for social enterprise and migrant initiative in the regions of Saint Louis, Louga and Thiès in Senegal";
  • OSC VIS: Project "Vivre et réussir chez moi" - Local development and territorialization of migration policies in Senegal "(Regions of Kaolack and Tambacounda);
  • OSC ACRA: "Starting again from young people: pro-engines of local development and conscious migration" (Casamance).