structure & staff

The Dakar office has been operating in Senegal and West Africa for over thirty years. The AICS Headquarters, established in 2016 and accredited in Senegal, Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, ensures its presence in the region through its operational support offices, established in cities and regions of importance strategic for the Italian Cooperation's initiatives.

The Kaolack office (Senegal) ensures the implementation and monitoring of bilateral initiatives affecting this region.

The Sédhiou office (Senegal) provides technical assistance in project management in the natural region of Casamance, particularly in the field of agriculture and food security.

The Bamako office (Mali) provides technical assistance to bilateral initiatives managed by the Malian government, as well as to emergency initiatives in the country.

The Conakry office (Guinea) provides strategic support for the management of the most recent bilateral initiatives in the health sector in the country, regional programs implemented by international organizations and activities co-financed by non-governmental organizations.