decentralized cooperation


The co-development and the creation of partnerships between Italian and Senegalese territories, through the active participation of the Regions, the Italian Provinces and Municipalities represent the innovative features of the Italian Cooperation in Senegal. The Italian local authorities, very present in Senegal, play a crucial role in weaving North-South solidarity ties and in creating cooperation on an equal basis in the form of a territorial partnership, with the aim of overcoming the paternalistic approach that characterized the cooperation policies of past years.

In Senegal, the Municipalities of Ravenna, Rimini, Asti, Oristano, Pavia, Rivalta and the Coordination of Municipalities for Peace are particularly active, as are the Regions of Tuscany, Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Sardinia.


Moreover, three decentralized initiatives have been co-financed by the ET 2017 call for proposals:


1 - A three-year initiative of the Municipality of Rimini called "Doolel: Migration and Co-development, Cultivating Social Business in Senegal" was launched in February, which will take place in the Kaffrine, Kaolack and Dakar regions.

Overall budget: €1.562.989,80

General objective: Support the promotion of the local productive fabric of Senegal by counteracting the root causes of migration, through the improvement of skills and the increase in the employment of women and young people and vulnerable individuals with an "inclusive for all" approach involving local institutions and of the Senegalese diaspora in Italy for the transfer of know-how and resources to the country of origin.


2 - The Sardinia Region is also carrying out the biennial initiative of "Sardinia-Senegalese Cooperation for Territorial Sustainable Development" in the Matam region.

Overall budget: €787.110,91.

General objective:Improve the socio-economic conditions of the local population thanks to actions to promote the environmental sector. Counteract the economic migrations from the area also favoring the return of Senegalese citizens residing in Sardinia.


3 - Finally, the co-financing of an initiative of the Municipality of Oristano called "WATER S - Strengthening of decentralized entities in 11 municipalities of Basse Casamance in land use planning and water resource management" was approved.

Overall budget: 679.776,35 €

Objectives of the project:Promote the integrated management of water resources in the Casamance river basin, by improving the knowledge of users and local authorities; promote the exchange of good practices at European level and develop mechanisms for the participation of local actors in the process of integrated management of water resources; improve the cooperation relationships and the competences of the European local authorities through the exchange of good practices on the governance of the basin and the territory.